Small Administrative Note Regarding Comments

Which is:

The spam filter has been unusually aggressive in the last month and is capturing a larger-than-expected number of actual comments from real humans. So if your comment doesn’t post immediately, don’t panic: I will (probably) find it in the spam queue and release it at some point.

Now, back to your scheduled Saturday —


3 Comments on “Small Administrative Note Regarding Comments”

  1. When you have an infection, your immune system can become more sensitive to any other stimulus. Maybe that has also happened to the spam filter with all the political spam we’ve all been seeing lately.

  2. I’ve noticed recently that most of my comments seem to take a while to post, but I just figured that was an intentional tweak you made to reduce the amount of crap in the weeks leading up to November 3. Whatever the reason, it’s all good – it’s your site, your business, and you do an incredible job of curating the comments here, so I don’t worry if my occasional remarks seem to vanish for a while before reappearing.

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