Because I Don’t Want Everything On Here Today To Be About Politics

Krissy, in the yard.

Here’s Krissy. Because she fabulous and I love her, that’s why.

— JS

8 Comments on “Because I Don’t Want Everything On Here Today To Be About Politics”

  1. Yesterday it was in the mid-70’s. In Massachusetts in November. ‘Tee shirt weather’. Stopped at a food truck for empanadas and as I was leaving a young lady got out of her car, wearing a sun dress. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy that sight!

    Yeah, politics has ugly-fied the world for too long. Enough! Let us celebrate beauty once more.

  2. Nice to see initiatives to shift the focus away from politics politics politics and towards anything non-political. It’s probably fair to say that a lot of people desire a break from politics for a while – to let the newly-elected officials have a chance to do some good in the world while we look at how we can best lead our lives in a way that helps everyone enjoy a sustainable existence. I did something similar by starting a new Twitter account @TTimlen – an effort to focus on issues of substance and shift focus away from politics. Yeah, this comment could look like a blatant attempt to promote a new Twitter account – but what triggered an urge to comment was seeing the headline of the post that aligned perfectly with what I was seeking to achieve. For what its worth, time to wack the ‘Post Comment’ thing.

  3. As well you should, John. 😄 I’m sure she is fabulous, and I wish you and your family all the best.

  4. Speaking of not politics… reading Kiva is making me laugh out loud today. Again. As always, as usual. Can’t think of a better “atta boy” for 2020, Mr S. Best to you and yours.

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