Daily Archives: November 10, 2020

My Adventures in Dark Souls III (So Far)

Okay, so, I just started playing Dark Souls III last week, and let me tell you, that shit is hard. I’ve put in eighteen hours so far, and I feel like I’ve barely accomplished anything. In Dark Souls, it’s not a matter of if you’re going to die, it’s when. And how many times (probably a lot). […]

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How To Get Signed & Personalized Books From Me For the Holidays, 2020, PLUS a Very Special Short Term Deal

SHORT VERSION: For a limited time, as part of my annual “signing and personalizing for the holidays” service with my local bookseller Jay & Mary’s Book Center, if you order two books from them, I’ll kick in for a third. Because support local indie bookstores, that’s why. Some conditions apply. Details are below. Please read […]

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The Big Idea: Emily C. Skaftun

In today’s Big Idea, author Emily C. Skaftun is thinking about death… for starters. With a book title like Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas, perhaps this is not entirely surprising. EMILY C. SKAFTUN: Death! There is no bigger idea.  The theme that emerged as I was putting together my favorite stories to create my […]

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