Make Like a Tree

The leaves on the backyard maple are now all on the yard.

There comes a day in the fall when the wind really picks up and all the trees that have been still hanging on to their leaves let them go, and, well, today was that day. Overnight we had a cold front move in with winds and rain, and in the morning all the leaves on the backyard maple had transferred themselves to the yard. Now pretty much all the trees are bare around here and will remain that way until March. At least we can say the leaves this year were pretty while they lasted.

— JS

8 Comments on “Make Like a Tree”

  1. Legit thought you were going to say, “and get out of here,” and this post was going to be a Back To The Future-style comment about t*ump leaving the White House. Pretty tree though!

  2. I was confused, but hopeful of getting closer to our two weeks of fall. Confused because my phone alerted me to a tropical storm watch through Friday. Tropical storm ETA was moving away, the weather had said so..

    Woke this morning to see its smiling face almost on out doorstep. Ugly day and a few more to come.

  3. I love that your maple has enough room to be actual maple-shaped. That is one spacious tree! I had one in my yard growing up that had a troupe of little green tree frogs in it, and huge huge leaves. All my nearest maple trees since have been smaller, squished, and frogless.

  4. So true! I noticed the exact same thing here in Brooklyn yesterday. The day before, the leaf blower guys were here, picking up bags and bags of fallen leaves. It wasn’t raining or windy – in fact it was beautiful and sunny in the 70s – so when I woke up yesterday and discovered the ground and cars covered in the things, I thought, “That’s it. The trees have had it until Spring.”

  5. We had incredibly warm sunny days in Toronto until Wednesday evening. I assume that it was even warmer in south-ish Ohio. (The warming air was coming from the SW, i.e. from Ohio.)

    The sunshine and warmth really let the leaves linger. They’re mostly gone today, though.

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