Small Business Saturday: Pour Vallery Art

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Small Business Saturday! In case you missed the last two of these, this is where I post about a small business I’ve ordered from that I really like and can highly recommend to y’all. And again, this is NOT where I am sent something for free and asked to promote it or paid to talk about something. This is a business I have found on my own and purchased from, and am promoting simply because I like it and hope you will, too. The last two times happened to both be cosmetic/skin care related businesses, but this week I have chosen to feature an artist I recently bought work from!

One thing to know about me is that I love art, and much to my parents’ dismay, I keep buying new pieces to add to my collection. My most recent addition was from an artist named Valerie Davis, who is the owner of Pour Vallery Art! She makes the most incredible alcohol ink pieces, as well as acrylic paintings.

I bought this pair of mini alcohol ink pieces (they’re on wood); the left one is titled “Athena” and the right is “Hera”.

beautiful pieces of blue, purple, and gold alcohol ink paintings on wood

Aren’t they so beautiful?! I don’t know where I’m going to put them yet, as I ran out of space on my walls long ago (which is part of why my parents tell me to stop getting more stuff for my walls). These two were really calling my name, and I didn’t want to decide between the two. Luckily I didn’t have to because she sold them as a set! How could I resist? I simply couldn’t.

There’s something so wonderful about the rich colors, the vibrancy, the way she blends them together so beautifully, I mean look at this piece from her newest update titled “Deep Violet Space“. That name is so accurate, it really feels like looking into a nebula, it feels otherworldly and ethereal. I’m extremely tempted to buy this piece, but I shall restrain myself… for now.

Another piece of hers (titled “Pastel Punch“) I simply had to feature to show you all how amazingly talented she is:

I am so totally obsessed with her work! It’s so beautiful. I especially love the touches of gold, makes it feel so lux. And who doesn’t love some glam?

So, yeah, if you’re looking for some new art to decorate your space, or a gift for an art lover for the holidays, I really recommend buying a piece from Valerie. Or if you like her stuff but don’t feel like buying, you can follow her on Twitter!

I hope you enjoyed looking at her artwork as much as I do, and have a great day!


11 Comments on “Small Business Saturday: Pour Vallery Art”

  1. Amazing! I have the same problem with space. I travel for work and try to get some kind of art from the places that I work. And vacations and, well you understand.

  2. I also have more art than wall-space. I am trying to set up a system whereby I swap out pieces periodically so that over time everything goes up at least for awhile. Not a lot of luck so far but it’s a great idea, right?

  3. If I may – my sister-in-law makes similar art. She also makes fabric and custom books with fabric covers and traditional bookmaking techniques. They are blank books suitable for journals.
    She doesn’t have an online store – her sales have been through local art shows (in the Dallas area mostly which are obviously cut down now) but her website is

  4. Fabulous! At a smaller scale, alcohol ink canvases can be turned into wearable art. Find the prettiest areas, punch out disks or ovals, dome with resin, surround with a lush beaded bezel, suspend from chain as desired.

    I agree that the metallic accents add a special touch of glam!

  5. Pam, yes. Hanging paintings on the front of bookcases is even seen currently on lots of trendy decor sites. Most typically, a piece hangs so it conceals a cross bar on the bookcase (and is centered on it). The piece’s height is usually less than one shelf spacing. But bigger works, too.

    I guess it’s obvious how I’ve been spending my extra time! The only go-out activity that I still noticeably miss is thrift shopping.

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