The Dispatcher: Murder By Other Means Limited Edition Print/EBook coming in April; Pre-Order Now!

The cover to :The Dispatcher: Murder by Other Means

John ScalziIf you’ve been wondering when the print and ebook version of Murder By Other Means, my latest story in the “Dispatcher” series, was going to be available, good news: There’s a date! And it is: April 2021, when my friends at Subterranean Press will be releasing a special signed hardcover limited edition of Murder, along with an ebook edition.

The signed hardcover limited edition, featuring the above fabulous cover by Michael Koelsch, is available for pre-order now, and as always, I do suggest pre-ordering, since “limited edition” does actually mean limited — we’re printing 2,000 copies, and that’s it. Yes, I had to sign my name two thousand times (actually more, as insurance). My hand is very tired. The ebook edition will not be limited however.

If you’ve never gotten a book from SubPress before, incidentally, you’ll be in for a treat, since their books are true collectors items. This will be an edition worth getting. Here’s that pre-order link again.

— JS

7 Comments on “The Dispatcher: Murder By Other Means Limited Edition Print/EBook coming in April; Pre-Order Now!”

  1. I’m not sure throwing someone off a water tower counts as anything other than regular old murder.

  2. Ordered! And thank you for ensuring that us old Luddites who still enjoy actual hard-copy printed books can get our fix of the newest Dispatcher story!

  3. I mean, I wouldn’t use the word “use” here — it’s more that we have a relationship going back a decade and a half and I’m privileged to have them be willing to publish almost all of my non-fiction and non-novel-length fiction.

  4. I’ve been listening to the Dispatcher stuff in the car. I’ve finished the first one and am about 1/3? of the way through the second one. I really like both the writing and the performance.

    Do you find that you write differently when it’s intended to be read aloud, rather than read visually?

  5. Is there a way to preorder the e-book (it looks like the pre-order link goes to the hardcopy)?

  6. Thanks. My order is in. I also appreciate that you want everything to be in print for us who don’t use devices. Bonus, whilst looking around SubPress I found another book I really wanted.

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