Showcasing My Collection: Enamel Pins, Volume Two

Athena ScalziHello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of me showing off my enamel pin collection! Last time, I shared five of my favorite pins with you, and I’m going to do the exact same thing today. Though these are some of my favorites in my collection, they’re not in any particular order or anything, I pretty much like them equally. Anyways, let’s get started!

purple night sky boba tea inside skull

Here we have what I can only refer to as “skull boba”. If you don’t know what boba is, I am sad for you. Boba tea, or bubble tea, is a delicious drink with tapioca pearls in it (that’s what the black balls at the bottom are)! It’s amazing, life-changing, really, and I highly recommend boba tea to anyone and everyone. But, anyway, this boba tea is for some reason made of the night sky and also inside of a skull cup, so how could I not pick this piece to add to my collection? I actually got it from Hot Topic.

coconut with straw in the top

Next up, we have this totally awesome coconut with a straw in it! I got this two years ago in Wilmington, North Carolina, from a shop by the docks I wish I could remember the name of. But basically it was just a cute little boutique and they had a couple pins I liked, I got this one and one other but I thought this was the cooler of the two to show off to y’all.

duck with a black bow tie

Here is a handsome fellow, a duck with a snazzy bow tie! He’s a super cute addition to my collection and actually one of my more recent pieces. I bought this little dude from an artist I follow on Twitter, but I can’t remember who it was, otherwise I would provide a link so you could add this adorable quacker into your life.

alien head yin yang

Another Hot Topic pin! This alien head was amongst the very first of my vast collection. My friend and I bought matching ones and said that someday we’d get a tattoo just like it. Honestly, I think it is definitely capable of being a cool tattoo. This pin has been with me for a few years now, and I still love it as much as when I got it! (Also, the grey speckles aren’t where the white has chipped off, they’re gold sparkles, the light is just making it look weird.)

pink and purple flowers with green leaves

This pretty pink thing was given to me by a friend from Miami named Jeri, who got it for me from a shop in her hometown, St. Louis. It was a birthday gift. It’s very different from all my other pieces, the detail in the lines makes it so unique. I truly treasure this one.

And there you have it! Five more of my seemingly unending collection. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my pin-tastic life, and have a great day!


12 Comments on “Showcasing My Collection: Enamel Pins, Volume Two”

  1. I went to the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. I collected a lot of pins.
    The jewel of my collection is the Opening Ceremony Pin that came with the ticket.
    I saw opening ceremonies twice! I volunteered as a security guard. I saw dress rehearsal, where TV camera angles were established, and the actual event, for free!
    Somebody left the pin behind on a giant box of Cracker Jack.

  2. it’s fun to collect small things, and really relaxing and engrossing to focus on a pretty small thing, esp. during stressful times.

    I am not a gamer, but love dice. (And use them for my writing productivity work.) Little did I suspect that there’s a rabid dice community out there that not only creates amazing, gorgeous dice but describes their dice in incredibly ornate and mystical ways. (they all hang out on twitter #diceporn)

    I own a few sets. My favorite is a clear glass set that prisms in 1000 colors.

  3. Yep, I have my own collection too. It started with the yearly pins handed out to con-goers at ARCHON in St. Louis, then went from there. I finally decided to get an olive Army-type jacket and start wearing them on it in rotation. There’s RBG, and a bunch of logo pins from early-release movies my sister and I used to go to for free screenings (they would sometimes give you a bonus pin with it), including Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Captain America, etc. I have MST3K, Crowley and Aziraphale, and recently found a package of BTTF pins at Walmart of all places (what I wouldn’t have given for those back in high school!). The tricky bit is making sure the back doesn’t fall off the damn things while you’re wearing them, so you don’t lose the pin …

  4. skull boba looks amazing.

    i don’t have a sense of scale – how big are they in relation to a dime or quarter?

  5. I was too late to leave a comment on your cookies post from a few days ago (catching up today), but I just want to say, that post was amazing. You should start a cooking blog called “this is what your cooking really looks like and you know it” or “kind of okay tasting and pretty ugly.” This is how cooking works for everyone who is not a food blogger, am I right? The picture comparison looked exactly like every recipe I’ve ever made from a fancy food blogger site. It was very validating to read that post. I don’t mean to derail the comments of this post, but I just wanted to say thank you. That seriously made my day.

  6. Boba tea is ok if you like tapioca (those big black pearls are tapioca starch). It is not life-changing, at least not for me.

  7. I also love collecting enamel pins. It started recently by collecting the limited edition pins for Games Done Quick and has spiraled out from there. I’ve signed up to the Bizarre Beasts pin club from the vlogbrothers (they’re great!) and now I trawl Etsy for new pins that reflect my love of nature, video games and D&D. Paola’s Pixels has some excellent pins if you enjoy fantasy and D&D.

    That boba pin is great! And I love the detail of the flower pin.

  8. I find myself noticing enamel pins so much more now that you have brought them to my attention. And finding myself thinking “Would Athena like this one?” And wanting to send them, or a photo, to you for your perusal and hopefully enjoyment. A gift, if you will, that helps me to stop and notice nice design details and execution of craft in new places.

  9. The first pin, the skull, reminds me that yesterday my dentist told me to “bite down” on an X-ray thingy. I explained that I couldn’t as my upper jaw does not move independently, that she should say “bite up.” She gave one of those looks.