New Books and ARCs, 11/20/20

Here comes the weekend — and here comes a stack of new books and ARCs! What here is calling to you? The comments exist for your sharing.

— JS

18 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 11/20/20”

  1. Also, before you ask: The reason there are so many Baen Books is because Baen sent me a bunch, and relatively fewer other publishers sent along anything in the last week, that’s why.

  2. Sassinak and it’s sequel are great, but not new. Worth a re-read. Happy and safe holidays.

  3. [Deleted for being offtopic. Hint: If you start a comment by saying “off-topic” then it’s very likely it will be deleted because it is, by your own admission, off-topic and not relevant to the comment thread. Maybe save us both the trouble by not posting it — JS]

  4. LOL, I’m so out of touch. I think I’ll find Sassinak based on Johnathan’s and Escape Pod based on Laura’s comments. I honestly haven’t purchased anything since your last.

  5. Escape Pod anthology most probably. Can’t find a table of contents yet but the blurb does say new and exclusive stories.

  6. Ok. All of them but Sassinak. Because I already have that series buried in amongst these 1000s of books. I wonder how I get so many. But I would read the Weber and Flint ones first.

  7. sorry, guess you missed my ‘ducks’ word wrongly interpreted as HTML when it really was WRT your Infamous Mallet. If you have any comments on the Disney vs. Alan Dean Foster matter I’d really like to hear them seeing as to how it could have some serious repercussions if successful (hope not)…
    & now I will resume lurking, thanks…

  8. I think I’ve already got ‘Straight outta Deadwood’, did they re-print it? That’s cool – David Boop’s a friend of mine here in Denver. I sometimes get jealous of all the books you get sent, but if they got sent to me they’d probably end up in a pile in the corner gathering dust. :)

  9. I have read Weird War III, it has some good stories and some not so good-like any anthology but I would recommend a look.

  10. Captain Obvious: many of the Baen paperbacks are re-releases of stuff that was previously published, some in HB.
    Not fond of Larry Correia, but “Target Rich Environment” is a good title. Ditto “The Cunning Man”, I’m a sucker for historical faerie and this smacks of Silver John.

  11. Anne McCaffrey, of course, is worth a reread. Although it’s a shame “Sassinak” is exactly how we Scots pronounce “Sassenach”, a derogatory (and steadily worsening!) term for an English person. But I’m sure someone will already have brought this to your attention, at some point during the past 30 years.

  12. The Cunning Man is an interesting title; enough so that I just added it to my future purchase list. Like some others have said, Sassinak is great and worth a re-read. I enjoyed the short stuff in volume 1 of Target Rich Environment so I expect I’ll get around to volume 2 at some point. (I don’t care for Correia’s politics, but he does write entertaining stories.)

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