Here’s Some Music To Listen To This Fine Sunday

Athena ScalziHello, everyone! I hope you’re all having a good weekend. Mine has been very lazy and relaxing, so to keep up with that trend, I’m going to share a song I like with y’all instead of posting something that requires me to use my brain.

This song is actually one you may have heard before if you have ever watched “Beyond the Aquila Rift” from Love, Death, & Robots. This song plays in the background of the very gratuitous sex scene, and then again at the end of the episode.

I quite like this song for it’s dark tones; it’s almost like haunting sounding, but that’s partially because I think of it in context to the dark ending of the episode. It reminds me a lot of a song I shared on here before called Far Beyond, but that’s mostly because they’re both in that genre of “dark pop” which I really like.

But, yeah, I hope you enjoy this song. I happened to watch the episode with subtitles one time and it said the name of the song in the subtitle (which is a really great feature to have instead of just showing music notes or saying “music playing”) which I am thankful for because now it is one of my all time favorites! So, give it a listen and let me know your opinion on it (or on the episode it’s from) in the comments.

And have a great day!


7 Comments on “Here’s Some Music To Listen To This Fine Sunday”

  1. I liked the song. One request – when you embed a link to a YouTube song could you please also list the name of the song and who performs it in the text? The YouTube previews don’t always show that info. Thanks.

  2. Oh, that’s *quite* nice. Thanks for posting it!

    (I’ll echo @nonny’s request above. When reading Whatever via RSS feed, the YouTube preview is invariably busted for me, so it’s useful to have a full description of what an embedded video is.)

  3. That’s not terrible. I will check out some of their other music. I like discovering new bands.
    I haven’t watched all of that series yet so I will go back to it

  4. Not bad, may listen again when I’m in the mood. However, it does not fit on my 2020 lockdown playlist – can’t dance and sing along to it while cleaning, lift to it, or scare my kids with it.

    As an aside, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘dark pop’, it just sounds like not-upbeat pop music to me. Maybe Morrissey mixed with some ‘I want to be edgy’ electronic music. I suspect my calibration for ‘pop’ music is way off though and I may very well be missing something (like a connection to whatever other people listen to).

    @Greg Re: Evanescence – No, at least not to me. It’s missing all of the drive from the metal side of Evanescence, but I can kind of see where you’re coming from.

  5. In general style and flavor, that sure sounds a lot like the last song you gave us that I listened to (“Far Beyond”). It’s a good flavor, and I like it, but it gives a very strong fix on your musical tastes, probably a stronger fix than your tastes in fact deserve.