If You’ve Ever Wondered About My Sense of Humor, Here’s a Good Example

Athena ScalziAs a teen, I really liked adult cartoons, like South Park, Family Guy, and American Dad (and I was in my early teens when Rick & Morty came out, but didn’t watch it until I was about sixteen). I’m not really a big fan of most of those titles anymore but they were hilarious to me when I was younger. However, there was one adult cartoon that I saw when I was eighteen that was gold called Final Space.

Final Space is a hilarious, action-packed space opera created by Olan Rogers. I highly recommend it (the first season at least since I have yet to see the second), but this post is not about Final Space (though if you do want to know more about the show you can read my recommendation here)! I am actually going to share one of the creator’s videos from YouTube with you. He does like, little story time videos where he talks about funny stuff that’s happened to him, and this particular story got animated by a user named Cranbersher.

This video honestly made me cry laughing the first time I saw it, and it’s made me laugh every time I’ve seen it since. The animation is so good, plus the hilarity of the story itself, it’s just two powerful forces combining into one amazingly funny video that I hope you will enjoy. I’ve shown this video to like, five other people, and none of them find it nearly as funny as I do, but I’m hoping one of you will! So without further ado, here is The Bad Apple.


Part of the reason I actually decided to post this is because in the beginning he mentions that his grandpa always came to visit around Thanksgiving, and guess what! It’s around Thanksgiving! So I thought it’d be a good, wholesome, holiday-ish themed family friendly thing to share with y’all.

Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered what kind of stuff really gets me cacklin’, here it is. This is comedy gold. Peak hilarity. I hope you liked it! And as always, have a great day.


13 Comments on “If You’ve Ever Wondered About My Sense of Humor, Here’s a Good Example”

  1. 3 words: Ren & Stimpy. I was in my 30s when those came out and laughed my ass off.

    Oddly enough, even though everyone and their mother says Final Space is hilarious, I just don’t get it. Oh well, strokes, different, combine as needed.

  2. “Family Guy” had a rare winner on this Sunday. Now “Family Guy” had to pivot because much of the humor it was built on is problematic, and in the last few years it drew its humor from being self-aware or the MacFarlane trope of dragging the punchline out for a couple of minutes. To me, it doesn’t work.

    This one, though, had Sam Elliott voicing a cowboy named Wild West. He was said to be the long-lost brother of Adam West. Both the actor and his namesake mayor character died. Peter had to go out on the range and recruit Wild West to be the mayor of Quahog. What makes the episode is Elliott’s distinctive voice and delivery. He plays it straight and it’s both funny and touching at the same time.

    I don’t know whether this was a quick turnaround episode, as Elliott received much acclaim for a beautifully done Joe Biden commercial for the Lincoln Project that aired during the World Series.

  3. Smiling here too. My sense of humor was activated today by a cartoon showing the Sesame Street gang at the table with a plucked and baked Big Bird as the main course!

  4. We apparently share the same sense of humor. Because I thought that was hilarious. I laughed my ass off. But I also have an off-beat sense of humor. And I’ve experienced the pain of the hot pepper. I accidentally got one in my salad once and almost burned my lips off. So this is an experience I can relate to.

  5. For reasons I can’t pin down, I found the animation distracting and uncomfortable to watch. However, it led me to Roger’s own telling of the story, which I enjoyed greatly. As he clearly has other stories, I’ve subscribed, so I can go back later and watch more.

    So a big thank you for that – I’d never heard of him before.

  6. As a person working at the studio that makes Final Space, I hope you will find the second season just as enjoyable! ; – )

  7. As your past posts suggest that you’re probably a bit of a foodie, and this one suggests that (a) you enjoy occasional stop-motion animation and (b) your sense of humor is…er…um…quite individualistic, allow me to suggest the excellent YouTube food channel called (yes. really) “You Suck At Cooking.” 117 episodes so far…

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