First Snow of the Season

A light dusting of snow on the ground.

The weather forecast was that the snow would begin this evening, but when has 2020 waited for anything? It started this morning and while it’s not been in great amounts, it also never really stopped coming. And thus: lots of white to welcome in December. Which apparently will shoo it away quickly — there will be several days of above freezing temperatures if the forecasts are correct — but from now on, snow is likely never too far away.

Fine. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

16 replies on “First Snow of the Season”

I don’t mind snow to look at, but I am Not A Fan of driving in the stuff. One of the few actual bright spots about 2020 is that since my employer shifted everyone to telecommuting, I won’t need to navigate snowy roads to and from work this winter.

Snow <3 Had our first snow here a little more than a week ago. Our half-Husky-half-Samoyed went nuts <3 At 60 degrees North, it tends to be a little dark until we get snow. So it's always very much appreciated.

Haven’t had snow here in the Silicon Valley flatlands in probably 10-15 years. (We get it up on the mountaintops every 2-3 years, which range 2000-4000′ high.) I like the stuff, and entirely don’t miss having to shovel it.

Back when I lived in NJ we once had an apartment with front and back doors. Cat wanted to go out the back door, we opened it for her, she stepped in the snow and said “yuk, I don’t like that”, came in and headed for the front door. So we opened that for her, and she was very put out that there was snow there too! (A friends said “She was looking for The Door Into Summer.”)

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