Daily Archives: December 2, 2020

A Tale of Billboards and Burritos

First, you should know that Amazon took out a big damn ad celebrating The Last Emperox and put it up in midtown New York, and that got the social media folks at Tor books pretty excited. So naturally, I tried to press my advantage. The folks at Tor offered an alternative. I was, naturally, amenable […]

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Not Necessarily a Miracle on 34th Street

But still lovely to see: A big ‘ol advertisement for The Last Emperox in NYC, through the good graces of Amazon, which included the book in its annual Best Books of 2020 list, along with, of course, many other very worthy tomes. You can see the science fiction and fantasy selections here, if you have […]

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Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2020, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More

The Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2020 continues, and today we move away from books and focus on other gifts and crafts — which you can take to mean just about any other sort of thing a creative person might make: Music, art, knitting, jewelry, artisan foodstuffs and so on. These can be great, unique gifts for special folks […]

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A Small Technical Note

Last night WordPress, which hosts Whatever, switched me over to a new plan, which has additional and/or different functionality from my previous plan. Most of this functionality relates to the back end of the site, which no one except me and Athena see, but there are a couple of minor things on your end that […]

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