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The Four Movies That Have Made Me Ugly Cry, Part 2: Coco

Scene from Coco.

You had to have known this one would be on the list at some point, right? If this movie isn’t on your list, I question whether or not you have tear ducts at all. Disney, Pixar, and Disney-Pixar movies are exceptionally good at making people cry, no doubt. I’ve definitely cried at just about every single one of them, but Coco is the only one that made me sob for forty-five minutes straight in the theater.

I actually saw it twice in theaters, once with my ex and once with my family. I cried the second time too, with my family. Not as much, but still a pretty decent cry. But it was really that first time through that hit me like a truck. It’s just so damn tear-jerky.

Oh, this is a good time to include your OFFICIAL SPOILER WARNING!

With any Disney/Pixar movie, you can expect to cry at the end. The end always gets ya. And in Up’s case, the beginning, too. However, Coco was special in the fact that it made me cry from the middle all the way to the end. And cry disgustingly hard. I was wiping snot on my damn sleeves for thirty minutes straight.

As many of you know, I am extremely white. Just, the palest bitch around. However, part of my family is Mexican. And I’ve always been interested in Mexican culture, festivities, food, etc. (I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love Mexican food?) This list of interests includes the Day of the Dead! I’ve always wanted to celebrate it, like authentically celebrate it with my family, but never really have. My grandma makes tamales and the like, but that’s about it.

Despite this, Coco felt familiar to me in many ways. The familial love, that value of family above all, is something very apparent in my family, especially the Mexican side. I saw my own great grandma, or as my grandma calls her, mamacita (little mother), in Mama Coco. After my family and I saw the movie together, it was nice hearing my grandma talk about how much it reminded her of her past, her life in Chula Vista and her family.

So, I think Coco hit me different for many reasons, personal reasons to do with family and the desire to be a part of a culture I’m not. This all of that is beside the point that the film has some seriously heart-wrenching moments.

From the moment Miguel finds out he’s related to Hector, to the part where Hector and Imelda send him back to the living world, to the scene where Coco walks across the marigold bridge with her parents, Coco is packed to the brim with emotional scenes that will at the very least make you tear up, if not full on cry. These tearful moments were so back-to-back, so relentless, that (like I previously mentioned) I cried from the middle all the way until the very end. The film just keeps hammering you with them!

Coco is regarded as one of the most beautiful animated films of all time, and while it’s true it is visually stunning, it is also beautiful in the way of writing. Disney-Pixar movies have storytelling and making people cry down to a science. Or maybe an art. An artful science. A scientific art? Yeah.

I truly love this movie, and if you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it enough. The music, the animation, the characters, everything about it is to die for. HAHA. Okay, you’re right, that was terrible.

Anyways, if you have seen this movie, tell me what you thought about it! Did you cry (your answer better be yes)? Did you love it? Let me know in the comments! And have a great day.



Additional Technical Notes, 12/6/20

I noted last week that WordPress was transferring me over from its now-shuttering-VIP hosting tier to its business tier, and that there were likely to be a couple of changes, mostly not on your end but on mine. That switchover is (mostly) done, so I thought I’d give an update on things as they stand.

As promised, most of the changes were invisible on your end. The biggest change on this end is that I’m learning to use WordPress’ “Gutenberg” editor, which has a tiny bit of a learning curve and which doesn’t have a couple of functionality bits I typically use (like, for example, an easy way to put a border on a picture). On the other hand, once I do get the hang of it, there will be some cool things I can do with it. Also, uploading speed for posts is much, much, faster. So it will be worth making the effort. In the meantime, look! I can make photos with wavy borders!

Krissy, obviously.

Also, I’m talking with WordPress about making a couple of small changes. One, the return of an easy way to add borders on pictures; two, adding dates and bylines to posts. The photo bylines are fine but kludgy, so just being about to have “by” right up at the top will be nice.

There are a couple of weird technical issues I want to alert people to. The first is that Google has changed the way Web Fonts get served on the Chrome browser, which means that sometimes on loading a page on the site you’ll see different fonts than what you’re used to. Hopefully Google will fix how this functions, or I’ll have to figure how to download and put the fonts up on my end. But in the meantime, if you see different fonts, wait a minute (for the font to download) and then reload the page. Annoying I know, but it’s Google, not me.

The second is that the header images don’t appear to be automatically resizing anymore, which I think is related to some WordPress updating on their end (this would have been prior to my switching plans). We’re looking into it and it’s really not a big deal since the worst-case scenario is that I just go in and resize all my header photos and re-upload them. But if you’ve at all been wondering why the header photos look a little wonky, that’s why.

Oh, and: We’re looking at restoring a comment preview function, one that’s hopefully more up-to-date and functional than the one I had before.

These changes will take some small amount of time to implement, not in the least because it’s currently the holiday season, and also because I’m not the only person WordPress switched over to a new plan, so they’re having to deal with a bunch of clients. But these are mostly cosmetic things, not issues directly relating to the functionality of the site, so I’m perfectly willing to be patient about them.

On the mobile/AMP side, I implemented a new theme which I thought better reflected the site and is easier to use in mobile. If you dislike it, just snip off the “/amp” bit in the URL or have your mobile device force the desktop theme and everything will be fine again.

That’s where we are with the technical bits regarding the site at this moment. If any other momentus things happen, I’ll let you know. But by and large: This is it.

— JS

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