2020 Signed Books Update

Picture of the books that were subsequently signed.

For everyone who ordered books this year from Jay & Mary’s Book Center: All the books have been signed as of last night and will begin winging their way to you starting today. We ended the signing window a little early to compensate for mail being a little slower than usual this year due to COVID and the mail service being sabotaged for political purposes, so hopefully that will allow your books to arrive when they need to be somewhere.

I was also delighted to see that many of you took advantage of the “Buy Two, Get One on Scalzi” deal we were running this year, and was intrigued to see which other books and authors you chose to get. There was a pretty wide range within the genre and even outside of it. Which is cool.

Also, thank you all very much for taking advantage of that special; it made a difference for Jay & Mary’s in a tough year. I hope you are also supporting your local independent book store and other local businesses; now as much as ever it means a lot.

If you missed the annual signing and personalizing thing I do, but still want to get a signed book from me, don’t panic, because once I was done signing and personalizing books for people I also signed the rest of Jay & Mary’s Scalzi titles. So you can still get a signed book from me through them, although it will be necessarily be limited to what stock they have on hand.

— JS

5 Comments on “2020 Signed Books Update”

  1. You. Are. Amazing. I have been so heartened by stories of people going above and beyond to help others during this crazy shitstorm, and while I was a fan to start with, I am absolutely a fan for life now! Keep up the awesomeness.

  2. Crud McFud! I miscalculated. I know a John Scalzi who will be disappointed. Will there be another opportunity after the first of the year? Its such a great thing every year..glad you found a way to make it happen!!

  3. Nancy:

    I’ll go and personalize books at J&M outside the holiday season, but it’s usually of matter of doing it when I stop by, which is normally every few weeks. As long as you’re not in a rush, I’ll be happy to personalize something.

  4. Did you also try to forge Clive Cussler’s signature? Maybe just scrawl “John Scalzi Was Here!” inside the cover?

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