Compare & Contrast: 25 Years

If you’re going to note that one of us ages better than the other, it is known.

— JS

22 Comments on “Compare & Contrast: 25 Years”

  1. You both seem to have aged rather well. But the older picture of Krissy reminds me of the recently posted pictures of Athena. ot highly surprising I suppose.

  2. Adorbs. This is now how I will imagine her looking at you when she reads those sweet things you write about her in your acknowledgements.

  3. I agree with Derek — Athena definitely takes after her mom. I’ve seen your many comments about Krissy on your blog and think you would probably say that was a good thing, no? I’m fortunate in the same way that both of my girls take after their own beautiful mom as well, except for eye color. It makes me thankful that — for their sakes — my ugly genes were washed out so easily. Oh, but that’s not to say that you had any ugly genes to wash out. Maybe I should just stop digging this hole.

  4. She still has that look in her eyes, and so do you.

    Good things can only happen from there.

  5. @Laura W
    My exact thoughts.
    @ Scalzi As long as she looks at you like that it’s all good.

  6. She looks at you now like she still likes you…

    What have you done to that poor woman over the years? CIA-style MK Ultra conditioning is the only thing I can think of that MIGHT result in that level of fondness after this amount of time. You monster.

  7. It’s a bit eerie how the only thing that has changed about her is her hair (which went from awesome to awesomer) but I still think you’re pretty cute. In a non-creepy way, of course.

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