Systems Check: Nnnnnnugggghfff

Ooof, I’m a little out of it these days. This is for a combination of factors. I’m behind on the novel, which I’m writing slower than I would like. One part of the reason I’m writing slower than I’d like is I’ve been hit with a (non-COVID, I checked) bug that basically makes me want to sleep for twelve hours a day and stare blankly at walls the parts of the day I’m awake. The second part of the reason is 2020 resolutely deciding to be 2020 all the way through to the end of the year. I’d go into more detail about that but just the thought of doing so is draining me of my will to live, so I’ll skip that, if it’s all the same to you.

I’m not going to say I’m going to disappear from here through the end of 2020, since there are a couple of things I want to write, and also I know my own temperament. But I will say that if between now and January most of my posts are cat pictures and music videos, the above paragraph will explain why: Deadlines and fatigue, basically. Fortunately Athena’s around, and we have Big Idea posts, and at the end of the year I always have end of the year stuff for you. It’ll be fine! And maybe I’ll have a nap. Or two. Or six.

Also, speaking of cat pictures, here’s Zeus, just chilling. You have the right idea, Zeus.

Zeus, looking pretty darn photogenic, actually.

— JS

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  1. Thank you for cat pictures. They are so needed, and so appreciated, this year more than ever.

    Thank you also for doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. That is also needed and appreciated.

    And thank you for letting us know so we won’t worry about you.

    Be well, and go pet a cat. That’s what I’m going to go do, too.

  2. One of the big mysteries of 2020 will be how my partner and I did a righteous job social distancing, masking, etc. – basically almost 100% at home – and I still got a non-COVID (also tested) cold. Where tf did it come from?????

  3. I’m 2000 miles distant from your area and I think I’m coming down with the same bug, despite rarely leaving the house. What the heck is going on?

  4. @timrowledge
    Not to be “that guy,” Tim, but that word is supposed to have two n’s. Otherwise, you’re talking about a body part that’s horrible or a specific person who might be compared to a…
    Never mind. You are correct.

  5. I hate to be the bearer of horrid news, but 2020 isn’t going to quit just because 2021 wants in the door. We are going to end up with 3,052 days in last March, at least.

    Thanks for the cat pic, though, and hope you feel better soon.

  6. Add me to the list of people who have come down with a non-Covid seasonal cold, despite going nowhere and seeing no one. I spent yesterday wrapped in a blanket and feeling cold no matter what. Today I’m congested, tired, and grumpy. Did I mention congested?

    It’s 2020, y’all. For real.

    Take care of yourself, John (and others here with the same malaise).

  7. @hillary rettig and others who have bemoaned colds – this happened to us, also, and Dear Pandemic has a great answer to it. Link at bottom, excerpt here:

    “Some of the viruses that cause the common cold can last on surfaces for a very long time, and are harder to kill with soap or hand sanitizer. In fact, adenoviruses can last for up to THREE MONTHS on surfaces”

    Their science/healthcare credentials are legit; I spot-checked a few to make sure that they are who they say they are:

  8. @Hillary Rettig & @Kara,

    In New Zealand we stamped out COVID (a few times now), and the COVID-busting measures also resulted in fewer than 1% of our normal number of flu cases this winter. But colds are hyper contagious & even though we saw a reduction of colds in our winter, there is still a lot of it around. Luckily, colds are very unlikely to be life threatening.

  9. To add to the list of people, I had the same bug, as did my son (not living with us). This isn’t anything I had before and I followed the rules. It really wiped me and my wife out, as it did to my son. At least it isn’t Covid and not fatal (so far). Feel better John and everybody.

  10. I hope you go quickly from “I don’t even want to think about this” to “When I write my memoirs and I’m wrapping up the 2020 section, how do I play this for maximum laughs?”

    Zeus absolutely nails Dignified Elder Statesman. Go Zeus!

    Also? You, Mr Scalzi, do a first-class Elvis impression.

  11. (My apologies if it will never be a laughing matter, even with the passage of time)

  12. FWIW, ever since WordPress upgraded you, Gmail has been sorting you in the Updates tab instead of the Primary. That doesn’t really qualify as a problem, it’s just damned weird.

  13. Hope you get better soon. Also, thanks for the cat pictures. We can never have too many cat pictures.

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