A Very Dragon Christmas

Hey! Look what just arrived!

The 2020 Dragon Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

It’s the 2020 Dragon Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, which was won by The Last Emperox. More accurately, it’s the trophy for it, which is lovely, and individually crafted by Decatur Glassblowing. As I understand it every trophy is ever-so-slightly different, and I’m happy to say I clearly received the most gorgeous one this year. On seeing it, Athena remarked that it is very pretty, and also you could stab someone with it, and of course “can I murder someone with this” is the gold standard for award trophies. It took a while to arrive, but then it would if it was individually handcrafted. I’m just going to consider this my Christmas present for the year.

I was delighted to have had The Last Emperox win the Dragon Award this year; it’s a pretty good novel and a good conclusion to a trilogy and it’s nice to see it get some recognition. As with any time I’ve received an award, there was some sniffiness as to whether the award was deserved (this happens with just about any work that receives an award, so in that respect I’m not special, although some of it is indeed specific to me). Those people are, naturally, invited to die mad. In the meantime the award is currently resting on the same shelf that houses my second Seiun award, and my congratulatory proclamations from both the Ohio House and Senate after winning some previous awards. It’s in good company.

Somewhat more seriously, thank you to everyone who voted for the book in the awards, to DragonCon for hosting the award, and to Decatur Glassblowing for making such pretty trophies. This is a lovely lift at the end of a very long year.

— JS

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