Daily Archives: December 13, 2020

Today In “My Life Is Fun Sometimes”

Some fellow on Twitter decided to impugn my manhood by comparing me (negatively) to John McClane, the hero of Die Hard. So, as one does, I checked in with Steven deSouza, the screenwriter of Die Hard, for his thoughts on the matter. The results were, shall we say, satisfying. This is now canonical. I am […]

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The Four Movies That Have Made Me Ugly Cry, Part 3: Crazy Rich Asians

I didn’t think this movie would make me cry. I knew the first two on my list, The Fault in Our Stars and Coco, would make me cry, but I never expected this charming romantic comedy to be on this list. I actually didn’t see this one in theaters, though I remember I had thought it looked pretty […]

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