The Last Sunset of Autumn, 2020

The sun is low and the orange clouds look like a path to the sky.

And it’s a pretty good one. Here comes winter, folks. May it be full of beauty.

— JS

6 Comments on “The Last Sunset of Autumn, 2020”

  1. I prefer meteorological seasonal reckoning, in which winter is months 12 through 2. Gets it over with faster, and is more accurate in terms of actual weather vs. the calendrical model.

  2. Went out and looked at Jupiter and Saturn tonight. (And also Mars.) They’re about as close together as they get, but it basically just looks like a bright star with a dimmer start close above it.

    They’re setting shortly after sunset, but they’re bright enough you won’t see a lot of stars for a while after they and Mars come out.

  3. I agree with @Oops above. Plus today is Midwinter Day and we should all go out and set off the lame legal fireworks we saved from July 4th.

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