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Text says "Whatever Best of 2020: Can We Be Done Yet?" and the photo is of Smudge mashing his face into a blanket.

Happy Christmas Eve! As is now tradition here at Whatever, I have once again on this day gathered what I think are some of my strongest posts of the year into a handy list for you to peruse at your leisure — to experience again, or to read for the first time. 2020 has been, as the expression goes, twenty pounds of manure in a five pound sack; nevertheless I got some decent writing out of it here.

This year the list of “Best Of” entries I’m presenting comes with a necessary caveat: these are only culled from the pieces I wrote; Athena, who joined Whatever in August, who has written a number of really strong pieces, will have the option of presenting her own “best of” list before the end of the year if she wishes.

With that said, here are my favorite pieces of the year, presented in alphabetical rather than chronological order.

Not bad for a terrible year. Thanks for reading what I wrote this year. I do appreciate it.

— JS

8 Comments on “Whatever Best of 2020”

  1. Merry Seasons greetings
    clock just went over to Christmas day here in Aus when your post popped up in my stream.
    I was still up after midnight doing Santa stuff.
    Thanks for all the good writings both here and in your published works

    Be positive as we finish out 20 and start 21

  2. Can we be done yet?

    I’ll say: stimulus relief stalled and Xmas Eve tornado outbreaks…to quote Tom Servo–END! end!!!!

  3. I really appreciate your answer to my question, even though it didn’t go where I expected.

  4. I’d like to re-read What It Means to Be Dead, but the link goes to the previous title.

    I’ll try searching for it.

  5. I didn’t even bother noticing What It Means to Be Dead when it first showed up. But I learned recently that Social Security decided I was dead a few years ago, and told pretty much everyone but me about it. Nor are they interested in justifying their decision.

    It’s not pleasant.

  6. “Being Politically Persuaded” and “Why I Like Photography” are my two picks for ‘best’.

    When people ask me what my politics is, I simply say, “I hate your politics.” But…” No buts!” Saves argument ;-)

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