Krissy and Smudge

Just in case you needed a momentary break from the world today.

— JS

12 Comments on “Krissy and Smudge”

  1. Why is Krissy tormenting that poor kitty? ;~)

    Cat is so cute! Ours don’t like tummy scritches any more, just ears and chins, but they’re old grouchy cats now.

  2. Wonderful photo during very strange days. Nice to have a reminder of how effective black and white photography can be.

  3. What a coincidence – I just picked up Smudgely McDammitcat and gave him an extended snorgle-skritching-tummy-rub, too. He was surprisingly patient about it, though clearly not thrilled.

    Cat photos (and nice hooman photos) are truly lifesaving in these times. Thanks for sharing, and I wish your household a peaceful evening.

  4. THE BEST!

    I really needed that. Needed a break from the s***show that is our country right now.

  5. For me, the picture captures a complete mutual focus, as God surely intended, of total human concentration on cat pleasure. Great.

  6. Dawwww! Incidentally, I recently became owned by a tux cat, and decided to name her Smudge. As long as I’m being this original, look out on Amazon KDP for my new novel, Elderly Person’s Armed Conflict. (j/k)

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