I’m Thinking a Lot of Things But Not Able to Formulate Them Coherently, Maybe Later, In the Meantime Here’s a Cat

I mean, a picture of a cat always seems like a decent fallback position, doesn’t it.

More later, perhaps, if my brain gets better at organizing the things flying about in it at the moment.

— JS

10 Comments on “I’m Thinking a Lot of Things But Not Able to Formulate Them Coherently, Maybe Later, In the Meantime Here’s a Cat”

  1. Thank you for the cat photo – those are always needed, and always much appreciated.

    If you do master that whole organizing all the random stuff flying around in the brain thing, I’d be most grateful if you’d share the secret. I need a bit of that myself.

  2. I sent off two fairly important e-mails today, and was feeling a real sense of accomplishment. Then I remembered that the place as closed today for the holiday, and I should have mailed it Friday, so, ehhh. At least he cat doesn’t look reproachful.

  3. Any coherent thinking that you can muster will go up in smoke the moment the list of pardons and commutations is published tomorrow.

    My advice – take a nap – and then try to meditate straight through until 12:01pm Wednesday.

  4. newpillowbook – New Jersey, near Philadelphia – Wannabe novelist; curious about almost anything; easily distracted and full of enthusiasms, and thus disorganized; wife, cook, knitter, friend, reader, mother, Episcopalian, gardener of sorts, aikido student, South Jerseyite, sometime traveler, sentimental pack rat.

    There can never be too many cat pictures.

  5. timeliebe – Central NY – Dreaded Spouse-Creature to bestselling fantasy author Tamora Pierce (SONG OF THE LIONESS, THE CIRCLE OPENS, BEKA COOPER: A TORTALL LEGEND series), a co-author of TORTALL: A SPY'S GUIDE, Co-author with Tamora Pierce of Marvel's WHITE TIGER: A HERO'S OBSESSION for Marvel Comics. Contributing Editor for VIDEO Magazine during the 1990s, Columnist for C/Net 1999 - 2002.

    It’s not every day you can get a cat other than Smudge to sit for a close-up, so I’d take that as an achievement!

    Know the feeling — I’ve got a book I need to finish editing, and I’ll playing with the edit like it’s a plate of mashed potatoes….

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