So Begins the New Year and Era

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Because, after all, it was not 2021 until noon today. Now it is. And while there was much good to take away from the inauguration of President (!) Biden (!) and Vice President (!) Harris (!), this is the moment that will stay with me, from Amanda Gorman. All the tears I wasn’t yet crying went out here. This was a good day for our nation. Hopefully one of many.

— JS

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  1. “We will raise this wounded world” — There’s winning the day and then there’s engraving the moment for the future to behold, and she engraved

  2. Amanda Gorman was brilliant and amazing. I cannot say enough about how impressive her words, her presentation, and her presence were today. Simply amazing.

  3. Also tears.

    And also I want that entire poem in bits and pieces on a series of shirts. Starting with Quiet isn’t Peace and What Just Is Isn’t Justice

  4. Whether by your influence, or cosmic fiat, I felt completely different after noon than I did this morning. Fresher, lighter, freer…I was under more of a cloud than I had thought.

    Thank you voters! (Well, 55% of you. The rest of you can suck exhaust fumes from those ridiculous anti-green pick’em up trucks!)

  5. It was magnificent! And it reminded us of the power of words to lift us for the better, not to break and destroy.

    I had almost forgotten that over the last few years; on this side of the pond we have experienced our own version of the loathsome and toxic attitudes Trump encouraged so skilfully. Sadly, ours is still with us but I shall sleep better knowing that the USA has a sane President once more.

  6. Desiree: Yes!!

    Saw some twitter between her and LMM, she said there were two Hamilton references in the poem, but I thought all of the “rise up” toward the end added up to a third.

    She was so, so great!

  7. Amanda Gorman as a child had a speech impediment, which she clearly has overcome. The Biden-Harris inauguration had the best people, every single one of of them communicating a special, personal significance to this administration in the most positive, inclusive and honorable way.

    I love the colors the participating women chose for their coats and scarves today. Those choices also communicated joy and confidence.

    I’m happy to see that I, old cynical historian that I am, wasn’t the only one moved to tears by the President’s address and Gorman’s poetry. Every bit of the ritual carried such impact for me, the sense of history, alive, and I was there, in a way nothing else ever has — and I have seen and been in history and know it, but this, o golly, this day. I’ve never felt it like this before. Nothing like this before.

    Martin Luther King would be heartened, one hopes.

  8. Wonderful, fabulous poetry! On a wonderful fabulous day. Thank heavens for Biden, Harris, and a hopeful cleaning up of things governmental, though some will try to stand in the way.

    This poem is a ray of light.

  9. That poem and her presentation were electrifying. My skin is tingling all over from the hope and the honesty of her words.

    Bravo! Bravo!

  10. Yes. Biden’s address was good and important and necessary, but this poem had me practically levitating in my seat. Her words and her performance were mesmerizing, so full of fire and joy and resolve. Power, grace, and magic.

  11. mknelson101 – An ardent Oregon native plant restoration gardener, I grew up in the woods east of Portland and spent my summers camping and working through the Camp Fire organization. WoHeLo! They taught me not to roast food on Cascara sticks and where to look for huckleberries. And a lot of valuable skills that kept me alive while hiking through the Northwest woods. I volunteer as a Certifier for Backyard Habitats and am happiest getting my hands in the soil. Favorite quote: " ...and all this depends on two inches of top soil and fact that it rains." Anon.

    Ditto all the comments….and
    what about Lady Gaga…she made the national anthem singable, meaningful and alive.
    So much creativity in the choices for all the presentations today.
    I am lifted up!

    oh, and maybe my brain will be fully functional again now.

  12. That was a cracking good poem; made me cry in the best possible way & would have missed it altogether but for Scalzi’s post since I was working throughout the day & could only catch snippets of the inauguration. I bought her upcoming poetry book which is well deservedly # 1 on Amazon poetry books currently – admittedly a small category but still… (not linking to it because unsure Scalzi’s link policy).

  13. My favorite comment from a pundit today… “it’s great to see America fall in love with someone in real time.” That’s what I felt as I watched her inspiring performance.

  14. I cried hearing Gaga sing the Anthem. “Our flag was still there” meant so much more today. Damn. I’m tearing up again. It was a good day for America in the middle of such a crappy time.

  15. The Cheesesellers Wife – I write poetry and paint in watercolours and acrylics. My Cheesesellers Wife blog is mostly about poetry and, yes, my husband sells cheese. Sometimes I help…….

    Her poem brought tears to my eyes –and I’m an Englishwoman.

    But my best moment of the Ceremony? When Barak and Michelle arrived, I couldnt stop grinning. I’m still processing that reaction! :)

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