Showcasing My Collection: Enamel Pins, Volume Three

Athena ScalziHey, everyone! Hope you’re having a great weekend, or whatever day it is when you happen to read this. Let me welcome you to the third installment of me sharing some of my pins with you! Let’s just jump right in.

First up, we have this pin my cousin gave me for my birthday:

If you don’t understand what it’s a pin of, you may be one of the few people who isn’t obsessed with The Office. I watched The Office about two years ago, and I totally loved it. After all this time, the only merch I have to show of it is a sweater, but now I have this pin, too! It’s just coincidence they say the same thing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Next up is another moth in my collection:

You may remember my luna moth from a previous installment of these posts, but this is a new one I’ve added to my collection! I told myself no for a couple weeks, because I already have a big moth! But eventually I talked myself into it because this one is obviously very different from the green luna moth I have! I ordered this from an artist named Carissa Williams, you can find her Etsy here!

If you don’t immediately recognize this super adorable turtle duck, then I highly recommend you go watch Avatar: The Last Airbender right away! This super cute pin is one of the many fantastical animal hybrids in ATLA and is by far one of the cutest to exist. You can get this pin here!

Finally, I decided to do a 3-for-1:

Basically, I have three strawberry milk pins, and I really like all of them, so I couldn’t pick just one to show off. Now that I’m looking at them in the picture, though, I think I like the one in the front the most, but don’t tell the others I said that. I don’t remember where I got these ones, actually, but I think the two glass bottle ones are from the same place.

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of my pin collection! I’ve been collecting pins for years, but in the past couple months I’ve just started getting into sticker collecting! So maybe sometime in the near future I can show off a bit of my sticker book. If you have any Etsy shops or artists that make pins/stickers in mind you think I should check out, let me know in the comments. And have a great day!


13 Comments on “Showcasing My Collection: Enamel Pins, Volume Three”

  1. I love these, but especially the Duck. ATLA is one of the best shows and I find that it is a series that seems to be popular with all of my friends, no matter where they are from.

    I started pin collecting recently too, mostly because I realized that you can only own so many t-shirts! Maybe I’ll highlight some on my own blog. You’ve inspired me! (and also now I have to save that Etsy store for later…)

  2. AMS —

    Regarding pins, check out

    He is in Juneau, Alaska and does great Alaska-themed enamel pins.


  3. Recently you mentioned that you also collect old cookbooks. I have a cookbook printed in 1877 that I would be happy to give you. It is “The Home Cook Book,” complied by “ladies of Toronto and chief cities and towns in Ontario.” The cover is in poor condition but the inside pages are ok. Besides recipes there are interesting chapters on housekeeping and etiquette. Let me know where to mail it, if you want it.

  4. For Etsy, I like PINSwithPERSONALITY. Here’s a second vote for non-Etsy Wm. Spears pins in Alaska.

  5. I find it interesting what people collect. Back in, I dunno, ’91 or ’92 I spent 3 weeks in Russia (first year they allowed tourists). A friend collected military pins. Over 3 weeks (closer to 2 actually spent in Russia, considering travel time and adjusting to jet lag) I spent maybe $20 for a couple dozen military pins. My friend was overjoyed that Christmas.

    Mom collected those quarters with the unique backs. She died 7-8 years ago, I’m assuming my sister sold or spent that collection, I didn’t ask.

    Me? Science books from the turn of the century. Not that one, the older one. I really enjoy reading Physics, Chemistry, and Math books from 120 years ago. What’s funny is I was a math major. I can read those 100+ year old math books, read how to something like take a square root, and can’t make head nor tail of the instructions.

  6. Love ’em! I generally wear a pin for something topical in my hat, like for Christmas. I currently have a “Don’t Panic” button displayed prominently (yes, from “Hitchhikers Guide…”) Didn’t stop to think their might be an Avatar pin out there–I know there are a few Uncle Iroh teacups!

  7. I do love your hobby–well, both of them; the cookbooks are cook, but the pins are so pretty! I almost bought this one, a few weeks ago, for the sentiment, and because I thought it was neat . . .
    Nice Mask

  8. I’ve seen ATLA, but I have to admit that I didn’t recognize the turtle-duck at first glance. (It’s been a few years.)

    Apologies if you already know this: the Japanese on the strawberry milk pin is read “tanoshii” and means “enjoyable” or “delightful”.

  9. Not an Etsy artist but if you’re interested in science you should check out SciShow’s pins. They make a new one each month, only available that month, and the profits go to charity. Also check out their sister channel Fantastic Beasts (iirc) for their monthly animal pins and matching videos about the animals. Profits to charity again. Oh, both are YouTube channels run by Hank Green’s company.

  10. That moth is really elegant!

    As it happens I just this afternoon came across Wistful Empire ( which does enamel pins and sticker sheets with a heavy D&D/general geekery bias. The general aesthetic reminds me a lot of the strawberry milk pins at the end of your post.

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