Small Business Saturday: Kannchy

Athena ScalziHello everyone and welcome to another Small Business Saturday! In case you haven’t seen my other Small Business Saturday posts, this is where I promote a small business/artist that I like and am highly recommending to you. As always, I will go ahead and mention that the brands I post about are ones that I have found myself and paid full price for items from. I have not been sent any free products from these businesses or been asked to promote them in exchange for items, I simply like their work and wanted to share with y’all.

With all that being said, let’s get into today’s small business!

Kannchy is an art shop ran by a girl named Kathryn. She mentions in her About the Artist page that she always liked art from a young age, but really found her purpose through it after getting diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

I found Kannchy through Twitter, and immediately fell in love with her designs. She makes stickers, pins, sustainable items like tote bags and water bottles, and so much more! I absolutely adore her floral pieces in particular, so much so that I bought the 50 pack of state flower stickers, as well as some other bigger ones since all the state flowers are minis.

(Image belongs to Kannchy.)

Shortly after receiving my first order from her, I ordered this incredibly adorable sticker pack (pictured above), and added all of her work to my new sticker book! I was considering getting them as pins instead, but have really been trying to fill up my sticker book lately, so I opted for those instead. Kannchy does have a pin of the month club, though, which is part of her Patreon membership!

Did I mention stickers ship free to US residents? Why would you not buy some amazing stickers with a deal like that!

One thing I really like about Kannchy is the sustainability aspect! I mentioned earlier she makes some items that are useful for reducing and reusing, but she also has a whole page explaining how to recycle her items that you can check out here! Sustainable packaging is such an important thing to consider when you mail out as many orders as shops like hers do, so I think that’s really great.

So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed checking out Kannchy’s shop! I highly recommend buying a sticker or a pin or something like that, but if not then you should totally follow her on Twitter or Instagram. Remember to shop small, and have a great day!


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  1. Thanks, Athena! I just ordered a pin for my niece’s birthday in March & some stuff for me. I’ll go back in a few weeks in hope she will have restocked. I got Carmen the peony pin. I’d love it if she did a lilac pin, the sticker is so pretty.

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