Spice Welcomes You to January’s Last Caturday

Spice, staring into the camera.

She hopes it’s a good one for you.

— JS

11 Comments on “Spice Welcomes You to January’s Last Caturday”

  1. I just devoured some sauteed shrimp, but I would have shared with such a pretty cat. If only out of a sense of self preservation!

  2. And a very happy Caturday to you, oh Spiciest of the Scalzi clowder. I hope you are curled up by the fireplace on this winter eve.

    My Caturday has been productive, thanks; we are expecting heavy snow overnight, so I was out before 6 this morning to get errands done before the maskless morons hit the stores. Got all stocked up, put the car in the garage, drew the drapes, and we are happily hunkered down while the winds howl past the eaves. Our cats are dropping heavy hints that it’s about their suppertime (to be honest, they’ve been telling me that since about an hour after they finished breakfast), so that’s next on the agenda.

    Wishing you a cozy and peaceful evening, Spicy Lady, and the same to your clowder and your human staff.

  3. I’m celebrating my birthday with my own cat family today, and enjoying the break in the storm from earlier this week. Happy day to you, Spice, from Amber, Jones, Little and Wendy.

  4. I had a rare sleep-in this morning; even more rarely, my two kitties were near enough to each other and me that I could snuggle them both at once. A lovely morning!

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