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The Worst President

For all but the very beginning of Donald Trump’s career as president, I’ve freely admitted that I considered him to be the worst president of my lifetime, but not the worst president of all time; that position was held by James Buchanan, who, I noted, actually broke the country. After today, however, I have to […]

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Showcasing My Collection: Old Cookbooks, Volume One

Hey, everyone! In a couple of my past posts, I’ve shown you all some of my enamel pins, which are something I love to collect. Something else I love to collect that you may not have known about is cookbooks! While I do love pretty much any cookbook at all, my truest love is of […]

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The Big Idea: Dan Koboldt

Have you ever wanted a pet dragon? If the answer isn’t yes, is it because you never thought it was possible? And now that the idea’s on the table, hey, do you want one now? Author Dan Koboldt shows us a world in which that’s possible in his newest novel, Domesticating Dragons. Read on to see […]

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WW84: WTF?

NOTICE: This review contains lots of spoilers. Great Hera! Wonder Woman: 1984 was terrible! I am distraught over this, and must complain to all of you accordingly. It didn’t have to be this way. Wonder Woman (2017), for all its flaws, was still an enjoyable, fun movie for me, in part because of my love for Diana […]

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2021 Awards Consideration Post

Each year at the beginning of January I let folks know what things I have available for consideration for annual awards, and for 2021, today’s the day! If you’re in an award-nominating mood, this is what I have for you this time around. I’m using Hugo categories here unless noted otherwise; other organizations may have […]

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Welcome to 2021

Sugar has the right idea on how to spend the first day of the new year, I think. As for me, I’m spending it doing a little housekeeping on the site and elsewhere (as, actually, I do most firsts of January), and otherwise not doing a whole bunch. For that matter, Whatever is probably going […]

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