And Now, One Minute of Snow Falling in Slow Motion

Because it’s pretty, that’s why.

— JS

16 Comments on “And Now, One Minute of Snow Falling in Slow Motion”

  1. When I was a kid growing up in northern California, it looked like that often, without the slow-mo. It just gracefully fell that way. And was so quiet too!

  2. The best thing about that snow is that it is not here!

    Although we used to get some snow in January most years, but it has been quite a while without it. We had days in the 70’s instead.

  3. cupertino jay – Decades retired internet mouse potato; unrepentant Cal-Berkeley golden bears sports fan; best times were (notice Past tense) backpacking thousands of miles a little bit at a time in John Muir's high holy california Range of Light. Reading waay too much science fiction starting back in the swingin' 50s. ^ JossWhedon /NathanFillion /NeilPatrickHarris /FeliciaDay's 42min instant classic "Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog" (2008)
    cupertino jay

    niiice, thanks JS.
    signed, sunshine state R us

  4. Snow…for all the folks who love it.

    As for me….I detest such abnormal aberrations of nature.

    Why, yes, I WAS born and raised in Arizona…

  5. And when it’s absolutely silent outside, you can hear the snow fall.

    Thank you from this former-upstate-NYer who misses snow something fierce.

  6. Ha! My viola teacher is stuck in her dorm room at Oberlin. That’s pretty much what she’s seeing now, too. She says she’s doing a lot of reading. I told her she should try your books, as a fellow Ohioan.

  7. Set it on loop, added a little Phillip Glass via Spotify, a glass of brandy, and knitting… Beautiful meditation for an otherwise California frantic Friday night… Have a remarkable warm enchanted weekend…

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