The Crimson Smudge

Smudge, on a burgundy area rug.

It’s America’s most adorable crime fighter! If by “fighting crime” one means “trying to sneak bacon from the humans.” Any other sort of crime fighting, he’s pretty much a loss at. Fortunately, he’s cute. Which is enough.

— JS

10 Comments on “The Crimson Smudge”

  1. Awww — he’s an adorable crimefighter!

    And he’s protecting you from eating too much bacon. You should thank him by giving him some…..

  2. At least your Smudge stays on the floor when he wants bacon. The Smudgely in our house leaps up to the shoulders of whoever is eating bacon and tries to steal bites as the bacon is en route to the human’s mouth.

    Not entirely coincidentally, the Smudgely in our house is usually locked up in a different part of the house during meal preparation and consumption.

  3. What you are seeing there is The Crimson Smudge’s superpower: MIND CONTROL.

    He is beaming Mind Control Thoughts directly into your cerebral cortex:

    “I want to give Smudge the bacon.

    Smudge NEEDS the bacon.

    I will feel so wonderful if I give Smudge the bacon.


  4. I thought he kills rodents, too. That’s crime fighting of a sort (though the rodents might not agree).

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