Monday Music!

Hello, everyone, I hope you’re all having a splendid Monday. This Monday, I find myself feeling kind of down and angry at the world. I want to remedy that, and one thing that helped me feel a little calmer is this wonderful piece of music by Petit Biscuit called “You”:

Athena ScalziI first heard this song a few years ago in an AMV, and I saw in the comments someone linked the actual song. I immediately fell in love with it! The chill vibes, the piano, the fact it has no words, it’s just so tranquil and peaceful sounding and I really enjoy listening to it when I do work or when I used to study. It’s like something you’d hear on a LoFi playlist, and I think it’s just quite nice sounding.

If you’re curious about the audio at the end, it’s a statement made by one of NASA’s former deputy administrators, Shana Dale, in regards to an alcohol-related incident in 2007 involving astronauts. You can read more about it here. I think it’s a very interesting choice of audio to use, especially how it’s just at the end like that. I wonder about what made the artist want to do that or choose such an obscure audio clip. It is neat, though.

Anyways, this fantastic song reminded me to just take a deep breath and calm down a bit, and I hope you enjoy it, too. And I hope you have a great day!


5 Comments on “Monday Music!”

  1. That was indeed a pleasant tune well suited to the balmy South Florida evening I’m enjoying as I cool down from my evening run.

    Like you, I found the words at the end curious, yet I feel like that was the very thing that really made this song a work of art.

    Like a little whisper from the ghost of John Cage (ask your dad about him if you’re not familiar), adding a hint of Buddhist Koan to shake us gently from our reverie to wonder why; and to pay a little more attention.

  2. I’d never heard this artist – you’re right; very pleasing acoustic landscape. Been a great background to my work day. Thanks for sharing!

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