Daily Archives: February 16, 2021

Another Installment of My Thoughts On “WandaVision”

Since I posted about the first three episodes of WandaVision, I have decided to post about the next three, and in the future I will post about the last three! And that’s all you get because there’s only nine episodes. So let’s just jump right back in! Of course, SPOILER WARNING. In my previous post, I […]

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The Big Idea: Michael Johnston

You know how it can feel like one day is like the next, one month like the next, and each year like every other year… until it isn’t? Well, author Michael Johnston’s about to take that to the next level in his newest novel, Silence of the Soleri. MICHAEL JOHNSTON: I wrote a novel inspired […]

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The Tale of the Epic Journey of a Cat Who Wished to Venture Into the Great Snowy Unknown, As Told In a Photograph, This February 16, 2021

Or, as it is to become known in legend and myth: The Great Nope-ening of 2021. Or perhaps, The Cat Who Went All the Way to the Edge of the Porch and Lived to Tell the Tale. Only time will tell. — JS

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