Sugar Contemplates Winter

Sugar looking out into the snow

And winter, it seems, contemplates her back.

Hope you are safe and warm wherever you are today, folks.

— JS

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  1. the last of our Seattle snow is melting. Residents typically think that snow should stay on the tops of mountains where it belongs.

  2. That’s a nice pic. Instant serenity.

    Winter here was short but ill-timed. The world does need to pick a lane: plague, climate catastrophe OR terrorist sedition. I’m morally exhausted.

  3. Back in ~1987, I was in Seattle on business, a week after they’d had a huge snowstorm and a week of 40-below temperatures (caused by a storm stuck over Alaska.) Schools were still opening two hours late, and while downtown was mostly plowed, both snowplows were still busy clearing out the rest of the city.

    Hope all of you have electricity and heat.

  4. Sugar is a very elegant cat, and that is a picture that (almost!) does her justice . . .

  5. Yesterday we were scheduled for Covid-19 vaccinations at the Primary Care Clinic in the county seat. We were a bit scruffy as the power had been off since Sunday evening, hence not much water, as the well is 800 horizontal feet from the house. When I called the clinic I got the “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy. Please try again later!” message.

    But we decided it was well worth it to drive into town. When we got there, it was like 4 am Sunday dead. Nothing was open, no school, no store, nothing. But on the other side of town, the clinic was busy, with two giant diesel Kohler generators running, one for each building.

    They were well organized, two staff by the door, doing the questionaire, checking our ID, filling out our form. Two more staff filling syringes at a table, passing them on the two staff, one for each chair for those being vaccinated. We were done and being observed in no time. There were a couple of National Guard staff in the room too, not sure of their role.

    They told us they have done up to ~150 people in a day, depending upon both supply and demand, which is pretty good for a tiny rural community. Arm is sore today. We also went into the big city (that’s almost a joke, there are no big cities in WV!) to get water and more foodstuff at Kroger’s, which pretty much whipped me.

    And when we got home about 6, our generator was shut down, because the grid in our area came back up. So a very good day yesterday!!

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