A Vague But Official Pronouncement About a Thing

I know there is a thing! I know some of you want me to engage with the thing! I know this because you’ve sent me emails about the thing and I see the subject headers! I then delete the emails unread because I do not wish to engage with this thing! Engaging with this thing will not make me happy! I find myself looking at it and being glad it is not actually my problem!

So: Have fun with this thing without me! I’m not going to give it any serious thought or public engagement until I finish my current project at least, and possibly not even then! I know this will annoy/upset/disappoint some of you! That’s fine because I know where my focus should be right now! You are free to disagree!

You have now come to the end of this vague but official pronouncement about a thing! Thank you for your attention! Have a terrific day!

— JS

1 Comments on “A Vague But Official Pronouncement About a Thing”

  1. Although this is written about a specific event, it is vague enough that I can reuse the post whenever there is a public thing people want me to engage with that I do not want to get into! So I will keep the comments off to preserve its usability for later events! Thank you!

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