Showcasing My Collection: Stickers, Volume One

Athena ScalziWelcome, everyone, to this sticker-tastic post! Today I will be showing y’all a little bit of something I recently started collecting, that being stickers (if you hadn’t already guessed by the title and the previous sentence)!

I started collecting stickers about three months ago. Since then, I have obtained over 170 stickers! I have a specific notebook I have dedicated as my sticker book, and I just put them all in there. Not all willy nilly of course, each page has a specific layout and each sticker is carefully arranged for peak viewing appreciation.

I mentioned not too long ago that I bought a bunch of stickers for my collection in this Small Business Saturday post, so I will not be showing off those ones in particular. But don’t worry there’s still plenty more I’m going to show to you today.

I went into multiple rooms in my house to try to get the best lighting, but how good of a job I did remains to be seen. Which is why I will be including links to where you can purchase these stickers for yourself, so you can see the photos the artists put up that probably look a smidge better than mine.

Without further ado, let’s look at some stickers! (Side note, each page of the notebook has a pink pineapple in the corner, it is not a sticker!)

All the stickers on this page are from a sticker sheet by Jou, an artist I found on Twitter. They’re all things that look like animals but aren’t actually! I think it’s such a funky concept. It really makes me think about how many things I see everyday that look like an animal but isn’t actually. This sticker sheet is currently unavailable but should be coming back soon, and here is where you can buy it!

This starry set is by Nynne, another artist I found on Twitter! Her shop is currently closed, so alas, these stickers are unavailable at this time. This was not the only set I bought from her, though, and I plan on showcasing the other page at a later date.

Which one of them is your favorite? I’m a big fan of the mantaray, but the whale shark is also charming.

(Ignore my thumb in the corner)

Finally, my newest addition to my collection: this set of alchemy vials by Sophiralou! How did I find them? You guessed it, Twitter. Thankfully, this set is actually available to purchase, and you can buy it here!

Which one of them is your favorite? Or least favorite? I’m quite fond of the one in the bottom right, or the skull one close to the top. As for least favorite, I’d have to say the jar of magma on the right side, or the yellow heart at the top. But honestly all of them are magical and unique.

I was hesitant to start collecting stickers because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. I couldn’t possibly place so many on my laptop, and I don’t have a Hydroflask to stick a bunch to like all the cool kids do.

I didn’t want to commit to permanently placing something on another object. What if I had to get rid of the object I placed all the stickers on? What if the stickers got faded or messed up as a result of being on said object?

It was too stressful! So I finally decided to just keep them all in a notebook where I could just open it up and look at them whenever I felt like. It keeps them in good condition, and I don’t have to worry about them getting thrown out with whatever I would’ve placed them on, like a laptop or water bottle.

I really love stickers now, and they bring me joy to collect. Thanks for indulging me by taking a look at some of them, I appreciate it! I hope you have a great day!


14 Comments on “Showcasing My Collection: Stickers, Volume One”

  1. I liked how beyond merely showing your collection you also curated it for us…. I liked the squid best.

    My stickers sometimes go on my notebooks which get zapped going in and out of my pack, but also I put stickers on the pages inside the notebook and that goes fine.

  2. I’ve been drawn to the durable vinyl stickers, and I’ve put them on my Rocketbooks. That way they’re on notebook covers and it makes the notebooks TOTALLY MINE.

    I like the manta ray constellation too — it makes me think of Moana’s grandmother. And the little jars are delightful! Thank you for sharing these.

  3. The only sticker I truly have is the UFP insignia on the gas cover of my Fit. Most of the rest are just labels, especially the ones that number the zombies I use as NPCs in our role-playing games.
    Darice — Agreed! That was my first thought as well!

  4. I purely looove the cat biscuit cutter! But they are all quite beautiful, thank you for sharing them!

  5. I collected stickers when I was your age; I still have some. When I send out snail mail, I try to include a couple.

    Never thought about using a notebook!

  6. I haven’t collected stickers in ages; those look like fun and make me think I’d enjoy collecting them again. Like you, I worried about where to stick them and for some reason a notebook never occurred to me. I just collected them in boxes, and some eventually found their way into my children’s school projects. I like the piggy bank in the upper left corner, first page, which exists as the platonic ideal of a piggy bank if I ever saw one.

  7. I love the constellation stickers! I have the same problem with where to put them – I have a ton on my laptop, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but I recently remembered “oh yeah, I’ll eventually have to replace this thing…” I put one on a water bottle and something promptly went wrong with the interface between top and straw, so it’s not as convenient to use now. I’ve considered sticker books, but there I will forget they exist and never see them…

    But I think I’ve solved it for myself: I got a pack of magnet printer paper for a project, and I’m going to use that to turn stickers into magnets and then I can move them around at will!

  8. “alchemy vials ”
    Uh-huh. Some of those look quite a bit like some of the bongs I used to have back in the 80’s.


  9. Lovely mini art. For me, the ephemerical quality is part of the attraction. Something to enjoy until it fades, rather than a forever-collection. Team seahorse, always, ( a weedy sea-dragon would have been even better of course). And the moon-and-stars alchemy bottle is cool

  10. I love stickers! My only problem is…I collect them but never use them so at some point, they don’t actually stick any longer.

    Loving the constellation stickers in your collection. Those are lovely.

    Do any of you old-timers remember Intergalatic Trading Company back in its heyday? They had these wonderful little manila envelopes full of regular-size labels that had quotes from SF – Star Wars, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Star Trek, etc.

    I actually still have a BUNCH of them squirreled away somewhere. Makes me smile to think about them, actually.

    Thanks for sharing, Athena!

  11. The seahorse is (slightly distorted) Cassiopeia, and the manta ray is (even less distorted) Cygnus. Not sure about the others…but they’re great.

  12. I recommend a Moleskine or similar. I have some stickers in one and it’s nice to have them on unlined pages. Either way, its awesome. I love that first set especially!

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