Krissy and Smudge Have a Moment

Sometimes you boop the cat’s nose, sometimes the cat boops your nose.

That’s it, that’s the post. Enjoy the boopage.

— JS

7 Comments on “Krissy and Smudge Have a Moment”

  1. It’s fun that we both use the term “boop” for what is done to the nose of another. Perhaps it springs from ancient ancestral memories.

    Also, booping the kitty’s nose is more enjoyable for them now that it’s warming up and the static electricity isn’t so bad.

  2. I keep expecting to see a photo of Krissy and Athena doing the “two women yelling at cat” meme with Smudge. I hope that meme hasn’t expired yet.

  3. Speaking of Tom the first commenter having fun:

    It occurs to me that an indicator of “being fun” is whether a person can say,” beep,” “bop” and “boop” in everyday conversation, especially as a soundtrack to their actions.

    God bless the uptight, while I especially savour nerds who can be both earnest and fun at the same time.

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