I Was Going To Title This “Mlem Monday” But Then I Remembered It’s Friday

Sugar wants you to know she is offering up the highest quality of mlem’s, just for you! So you should feel special. And give her catnip.

In other non-mlem related news, I was going to write about Fruits Basket today and talk about how incredible and amazing it is, but then it pissed me off right before the season two finale, so now I’m too miffed to talk about how great it is. I hope Sugar makes up for the lack of me gushing over an anime like a weeb.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great start to your weekend (so does Sugar, she just can’t tell you)!


13 Comments on “I Was Going To Title This “Mlem Monday” But Then I Remembered It’s Friday”

  1. I can never be born again, but I can grow a little every day. (The official sub is slightly different, but I love the fansub interpretation of the intro… now I have to listen on youtube!)

  2. Dang it, did they remake it? They remade it! The intro song isn’t as good. But it’s the entire manga now… (I do think the original felt a bit unfinished.)

    I need to know more. Request for your future review.

  3. I am also a big fan of Fruits Basket, and read the manga as scan/translated pages as they dropped from Hana to Yume. I like this new animatoin adaptation better than the first one, but both have good points. I look forward to reading what you think about it!

  4. I’m always down for squeeeing about Fruits Basket.

    Haven’t watched s2 yet, but I have read the manga, so I know where it’s (roughly) going.

    As nicoleandmaggie said, the S1 intro isn’t nearly as good as the original OP, but that is an impossibly high bar anyhow, not least because of the singer’s tragic and unexpected passing at far too young an age.

    But even without that, it’s such a sweetly melancholy song, and absolutely perfect for Fruits Basket.


  5. Also, FB is always good for a solid cry, particularly Momiji’s and Hatori’s backstories along with Kyo’s big reveal.

  6. Huh, I didn’t know they remade it. I vaguely remember watching the original anime years and years ago now, and enjoying it. Maybe worth a rewatch. Although I don’t think any shoujo anime is likely to beat Ouran High School Host Club for me. :-)

  7. I absolutely love Fruits Basket, but haven’t caught up on Season 2 yet. I was so pleased when I noticed it was remade, having enjoyed the original and then hearing about its deviations from the manga.

    Joe P., I love Ouran High School Host Club as well, and I recommend you give this new version of Fruits Basket a shot.

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