New Books and ARCs, 3/19/21

Spring is almost here, and what better time to peruse a fine stack of new books and ARCs. What here is something you are looking forward to taking into a new season? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Karen A. Wyle – I'm an appellate attorney, an author, a photographer, a politics junkie, and a Hoosier (aka intermittent fan of IU basketball). My published work (aside from law review/legal journal articles) includes multiple science fiction novels, some near future and some involving other planets, equipped with aliens. More recently, I've veered off into historical romance, specifically a series called Cowbird Creek and set in 1870s Nebraska. I've also published one nonfiction book, Closest to the Fire: A Writer's Guide to Law and Lawyers. While originally intended to help writers use accurate details in their legal settings and expand the scope of such stories, I realized while writing it -- and have heard from readers -- that it could also be of use and interest to students, immigrants, and anyone interested in better understanding the American legal landscape. My other blog, Looking Around, is at
    Karen A. Wyle

    I’ve been excited about Andy Weir’s latest since I (quite recently) found out about it.

    I’ll be interested to read, if you write about it, what you think of FREEHOLD: RESISTANCE. I haven’t read it, but did read at least one of the earlier books in the series.

  2. Yeah, I can’t stop reading those Dresden Files books either and some stuff is going down since the last couple, I’ll be picking that one up. Curious about the Andy Weir and I hope it’s more like The Martian and less like Artemis.

  3. Andy Weir–I liked both The Martian and Artemis because they were so different–and I’ve only read the first Dresden Files book but I loved it and want to read more, so yeah.

    And City of Good Death is a great name! Lots of great names in this bunch, to be fair.

  4. That’s a reprint of old Dresden, alas.

    Freehold: Resistance will have to wait for the library. MZW is on the very short list of writers whose work I enjoy but whose personal characteristics I find so abhorrent that I refuse to give them money. Vexing.

  5. Curious about the Andy Weir and I hope it’s more like The Martian and less like Artemis.

    @chukg: I was lucky enough to read Project Hail Mary as an ARC a month or so ago, and whilst I personally didn’t think it was as good as The Martian, it’s very definitely better than Artemis.

  6. Are you telling me that all I have to do is become a famous sci-fi writer and I can get ARCs of Andy Weir’s stuff? Sign me up!

  7. I have Ms. Windsor on my “to be read” list…. as is the Weir book. Have already done the Miller and Lee offering as it’s a continuation of the Liaden Universe world and if you like that series, then this is more of the same continuing thread.

    Still pining for Glen Cook to add another Black Company story or Garrett offering for us all but ymmv

  8. I remember reading Freehold a few years ago and quite enjoying it. Read and did not enjoy The Weapon as much. I have since read some of MWZ’s online commentary and decided he’s not really for me.

    I am always yearning for new tales from the Dresden Files; I’m on that ride until the bitter end.

    Good Night Earth is the most intriguing title in the stack, to me.

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