Charlie Photos, 3/24/21

Because I know you want them. Here she is in the yard this afternoon.

Charlie, projecting attitude.
Charlie, tracking a ball in the air.
Charlie with a bounce in her step.

And in case you’re wondering, she’s doing well and adjusting to home life just fine. She continues to be a good dog.

— JS

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Dogs are the secret of everything, because they have no secrets.

  2. Just wondering – with that big yard, how do you keep her from running away? It’s amazing that she’s staying put even though her home is so new to her. Maybe she could have a word with my dog…

  3. She’s absolutely delightful! Until recently I had divided the world into cat people and dog people, and thought myself a cat person.

    And then my daughter got a dog; a mixture of Havanese and toy poodle whose boundless curiosity about the world jump-started my curiosity about the world once again, and I began to look around me.

    And then the pandemic came, and my daughter was at the sharp end; as a consultant physician in an Acute Medical Unit she was inundated with desperately ill patients suffering from Covid 19, as well as all the people you expect to see in an Acute Medical Unit since they are desperately ill with other conditions.

    And throughout it all the pup has comforted her, teased her, been mischievous, demanded immediate visits at 3 am to the garden so that he can commune with nature, arranged himself across her before going to sleep -so he would be ready to defend her- and, in general, giving her his unconditional love, just as she gives it to him.

    I do not think that she could have done so much, or anything at all, without him. And I am so very, very happy that she has had him to help her to do stuff which might otherwise seemed impossible.

    And so I am delighted to see Charlie is settling in; I hope that she is as happy as my daughter’s dog!

  4. Charlie was introduced as a shar pei mix, and that looks like a fluffy shar pei-ish tail to me. Perhaps your shepherd has a little shar pei? a href=””>Shar Pei Pics/a>

  5. Big question: Does she bark at the doorbell for, like, 10 minutes???

    I have the sweetest (fattest, actually) Shih Tzu that barks incessantly whenever anyone knocks at the door or rings the doorbell, even after we welcome the scoundrel in and she sees: THAT ITS MY OLDEST SON! THAT SHE HAS KNOWN FOR THE ENTIRETY OF HER 9 YEARS OF LIFE!!! WHICH STARTED IN HER FIRST YEAR OF LIFE!!! AND WHICH CONTINUES FOR AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES—OFTEN LONGER!!!—AFTER HE HAS COME INTO THE HOUSE AND SAT DOWN ON GODDAMN COUCH!!! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!!!!

  6. Looks a little put upon in the first pic, giving you the side eye. But she’s a beautiful puppy! Charlie looks very happy!

  7. She is beautiful, and looks so very happy. She has realized she adopted the best people ever.

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