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Who’s A Good Girl?

It’s Charlie! Charlie is a very good girl, and I wanted to share her adorableness with you all!

Having a dog has always been a norm in my life. Kodi was around before I was born, so she was a part of my life right from the beginning. When she died, I felt grief for the first time in my life. I’d never had a loved one die before, and I cried so hard my eyeballs hurt in a way I never knew they could.

It was only a few months later that we got Daisy, so the time in my life spent without a dog in it was relatively short. However, after Daisy died, two years and two months passed before we got Charlie, and the absence of a dog in our happy home was being felt more than ever.

The “clack clack” of paws on hardwood was a sound I didn’t realize I missed so much, until I heard Charlie walking around in her new home for the first time. She only had one home before us, but I can assure you all this will be her last. She’s part of our family now, and I’m so happy she is.

She’s very friendly with other dogs, nice to the cats, adorable and sweet, and pretty quiet and chill. She plays well and is great on walks, and loves being pet. I love her so much already, and I know we have an awesome decade ahead of us with her.


By Athena Scalzi

Twenty three year old girl living life.

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Look at that good girl getting a bath. The first time we bathed our dog it took both of us to keep him in one place. Charlie seems very happy and content.

Who’s a good girl? Charlie is!!

Congrats again on the adoption, which looks totally successful from here.

We have an older white lab mix, and two country black dogs, much younger.

So happy to have them, and I know exactly how you feel about your new puppy~!!~ Dogs are great, I took a nap with the larger black boy this afternoon. They know they’re allowed in the bed once we are comfortable. . . . .

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