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Read Request Week 2021 #6: Krissy and Dogs

Susanpeak asks: What is it about Krissy that dogs like so much? You mentioned that Charlie has already attached strongly to her, and I remember Kodi did so as well (and I assume Daisy?). Why? I should note it’s not just our dogs. I honestly have yet to meet a single dog that does not […]

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Reader Request Week 2021 #5: American Fascism

Rick asks: Being a child of the late 20th century, I always thought the USA was somehow immune to fascism, and I’m honestly surprised to discover recently that this isn’t the case. Is this simple naivete, or have things fundamentally changed in American politics? Well, you know. In 1939 American Nazis held a rally at […]

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The Big Idea: Michael Muntisov

Have you ever considered going vegan, or living a zero-waste lifestyle for the sake of the environment? It might be a good idea, especially if we get judged later in life for how we fought against climate change in our past. In Michael Muntisov’s newest novel, The Court of Grandchildren, the choices we make today […]

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