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A Sweet Review For You This Friday

I feel like my reviews are just getting more and more random. Like, last time was toasted corn crackers, this time it’s honey lollipops. I buy weird shit, okay? I am weak to the powers of Facebook advertising. They just know exactly what I want! Before I even know I want it!

Anyways, today’s products, the aforementioned honey lollipops, come from a brand called Waxing Kara. Waxing Kara is a small company in Maryland that specializes in bee-related/inspired products, and states that they’re dedicated to saving the bees and promoting sustainability.

They’ve got tons of honey flavors, like blackberry, orange blossom, wildflower, and even seasonal ones like spring and autumn. All their honey is raw and unpasteurized. Other than the regular jars of honey, though, they also have honey lollipops. This is what I ended up buying!

I got four flavors, including just original honey flavor. The other three were ginger, vanilla, and bourbon. I chose these ones specifically because I knew my dad would enjoy ginger, and I wanted to get bourbon for my mom even though I’m not exactly partial to that flavor. And vanilla for me! Though I did consider getting lavender instead.

From left to right, there’s original, ginger, vanilla, and bourbon. These are the canvas bags they came in (nine to a bag).

These lollipops are certainly a treat! They’re perfectly sweet and flavored just right, not overpowering at all! The ginger was subtle enough to make itself known but not hog the show, despite it having visible chunks of ginger within the honey. Same goes for the vanilla, it was definitely vanilla-flavored, but without making a big deal of it, y’know? It tasted like I was drinking a cup of Twinings Chamomile Honey & Vanilla tea. It was definitely good enough to eat by itself, but my mom could not say the same for the bourbon flavor. She ended up mixing hers into her cup of tea, but then again she only likes sweet things in small doses. Eating honey on a stick by itself isn’t really her style (it’s totally mine, though).

So, overall, these honey sticks were super yummy! I would definitely try their regular honey, as well, which they have even more flavors of than they do the sticks.

Other than edible products, they also make candles, as well as tons of beauty related items like body scrubs, body butters, lip balms, lip scrubs, and bath soaks. After ordering the honey lollipops, I was really close to free shipping, so I decided to get a bar of soap. I ended up getting the Milk and Honey soap, to match the theme of honey I was going for.

Upon opening it and testing it out, I would not say it smells like milk and honey. I do like how it smells, but it smells very strongly of cloves and spices. It’s pretty strongly fragranced, and I guess I was expecting a more mild scent? But it’s a good size and feels good on the skin and whatnot, and it says it’s paraben and phthalate free (and uses no artificial dyes).

I didn’t order anything other than the four flavors of honey lollipops and the bar of soap, but they actually threw in a free Lemon Drop lip gloss! I couldn’t find it on their website by itself, only in this duo Lip Kit. It not only smells amazing, but is super soft and luxe feeling on the lips. It works really well! I can only imagine the lip scrub that comes with it is nice, too.

So, that was really cool of them to add that freebie in!

Besides selling all this neat stuff individually, they also sell honey gift boxes and spa bundles. These are perfect gifts for brides, moms, or anyone, really. I’m thinking I’m going to order more body products from them, they have so much variety!

So, now the bill comes due. How much did four bags of honey lollipops and a bar of soap cost? A hundred dollars! Each bag of lollipops was $24, and the bar of soap was $12. But if you go to the honey lollipops page, it tells you a code to use if you buy three bags that gives you 15% off the pops, so each bag only ended up being $20 for me. So my total was actually $93.

If we take the original cost of $24 for the pops, that puts the lollipops at about $2.50 a piece. Is it worth the cost? I mean, you have to consider that this is a small business that makes and produces everything themselves, and a portion of it goes towards saving the bees and all that jazz, so, yeah, it’s worth it.

I really recommend these lollipops! Especially the vanilla, super duper yummy! I’d really like to try the lavender or the blueberry next time, and get some body scrub while I’m at it.

Are you a fellow honey lover? Have you tried this brand before? Do you keep bees? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!


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