Athena Scalzi

A Trip to Stillwater

Hey, everyone! I hope your weekend is going well so far. This Saturday is a rainy one, but before it started pouring, I went to Stillwater Prairie. It’s a reserve/park with lots of nice trails, a river, and a pond. I wanted to see if I could get some good pictures of flowers starting to bloom or other spring-y things.

Here’s a couple of the shots I took!

This cluster of little flowers was close to the parking lot. Does anyone know what they are?

Mushies! These little guys were on the end of a log by the bridge. (Don’t worry I didn’t eat them.)

More flowers! These were closer to the river than the other set of them.

And of course, the river. I would imagine it will be much higher after the rain stops. It started raining right when I left, so I kind of nailed the whole expedition timing wise!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these photos, and I hope you have a good day, rainy or otherwise!



The Beast Arrives in Bradford

Look at this ridiculous thing. It’s here, and it’s delightful. And also has arrived reasonablyish intact — one of the six string necks has two busted strings and one string on the seven-string neck has weirdly migrated to another string’s slot, and a strap on the frankly ridiculous gig bag has ripped away from the bag itself. But these are all fixable and quite honestly, considering everything involved in getting this from England to Ohio, perfectly acceptable.

I have some work to do on it before it’s entirely ready for an official public debut, including restringing and some other stuff. But, hey! It’s here! And it’s ridiculous. And I love it.

— JS

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