Would You Like Some Charlie Photos?

Of course you would. And I’m here to provide you with the goods.



I can’t think of any more alliterations! But please enjoy this sunny puppy.

And enjoy the rest of your day!


11 Comments on “Would You Like Some Charlie Photos?”

  1. I’m not really a ‘dog person,’ though I’ve had a few through my life, but there is just something about Charlie that makes me smile at every picture of her. She is such a great mix of breeds, kind of a ‘best of’ instead of ‘a platypus mix of leftovers.’ I hope you all get to enjoy her for a long time to come- and that the other cats finally come around. Not surprised Sugar was the first to ‘cave’; I remember the picture of her as a tiny kitten cuddled up with Daisy. Though, if Charlie and Smudge eventually get to be BFFs, there will likely be much mayhem!

  2. Duane Waite – Sometimes I feel like I prefer writing about running to running itself. Then I remember: without running in my life, there is nothing to write about.
    Duane Rendol Waite

    Interesting rock! Has it always been part of the landscape or was it put there as a decoration?

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