Krissy at the Golden Hour

The “Golden Hour,” i.e., roughly the hour before sunset, is often a photographer’s favorite time of the day to shoot, because the light is flattering and the shadows are not directly up and down. I took this picture of Krissy during the golden hour yesterday. It supports the thesis reasonably well. Also, it’s one of my favorite pictures of Krissy that I’ve ever taken, so there’s that as well.

— JS

11 Comments on “Krissy at the Golden Hour”

  1. A friend of mine spent a week in northern Norway a couple summers ago. All her photos were amazing; I realized it’s always golden hour there! (Except winter, when it’s always night.)

  2. You take such good pictures. (Sigh with envy.) Of course, with Chrissy, you have such a good subject.

    You write good, you photograph good, I suppose you play fourteen musical instruments good. (Sigh.)

  3. Beautiful photo.. she’s so lovely! And it’s obvious you have the love filter on your camera. There is more to a good photograph than the instrument.. the artistry and emotion of the photographer makes the difference!

  4. Echo the comments. On a personal note, I have chosen to let my hair be natural, which means I am now going grey. I always get a boost from photos of Krissy, who is so beautiful with her natural hair. So please tell her thank you from another woman, for not only being her own natural self, but allowing you to post her portrait.

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