Dogs in Snow, 4/21/21

Snow fell last night (boo!), but that did give a chance to snap some pictures of Charlie and neighbor dog Buckley playing in the snow (yay!). Enjoy, even if you can’t possibly enjoy as much as they did.

— JS

11 Comments on “Dogs in Snow, 4/21/21”

  1. Now that just brings a freakin’ big ol’ smile to my face. Nothing like dogs playing in the snow – except for them zonking out afterwards.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are having a ball! I enjoyed it vicariously, especially as New York basked in 74 degree warmth yesterday.

  3. That’s an annoying amount of snow that late for Ohio, and it’s not as though Spring in Ohio is often that nice. Something to look forward to when I move back in (looks at calendar) in 2023.

  4. Dogs in snow are always fun to watch. Our first dog would go out after a big storm and chomp her way through the powder, like Ms. Pac-Man.

  5. Meanwhile I assume the cats are indoors, curled up in the warm being attended by human slaves?

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