A Charlie Moment

This is a happy dog, y’all. Hope you’re having a great Monday.

— JS

7 Comments on “A Charlie Moment”

  1. Who’s a happy good dog? Charlie’s a happy good dog!

    And the sight of Charlie bounding joyfully across the lawn makes my entire Monday, so thanks for that – it was much needed.

  2. Is Charlie wearing a collar or is he naked?
    My dog was arrested for chasing a horse. His partner in crime was smart enough to run away from the dog warden. My dog was as smart.
    Since he was wearing a collar, they knew who call so we could bail him out.

  3. Lucky puppy for sure. Active dogs need plenty of room to run and cavort, and this pup has just that.

    Our dogs have a mountain of hillside forest to run in. The oldest dog need to lose weight, but how do you put a successful scavenger on a diet?

    Everyone, take care, stay safe~!!~

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