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Reader Request Week 2021 #10: Short Bits

And now, some of the questions I didn’t answer at length, answered briefly: Jim Randolph: I gather one of the things that you get satisfaction from is the work (both art and music) that you have had the opportunity to commission on your own. I’d love to hear more about how you make that happen. […]

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Reader Request Week 2021 #9: Short Writery Bits

In which I quickly answer some questions of a writeresque bent. Let’s get started! Chris: What are your views/experiences with collaborations – whether in a book, film, or television setting or other? How have you dealt with conflicts in these situations? Compromising your vision say with another writer’s vision? How flexible have you had to […]

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Reader Request Week 2021 #8: Local Favorites

srs asks: Whenever we visit family in Ohio, they like to take us to Marion’s pizza. As an Ohio resident, can you explain the appeal? (I didn’t think it was bad, just completely unremarkable and not deserving the enthusiasm) We have a Marion’s near me (they’re Marion’s Piazza’s, not “Marion’s Pizza”; it’s describing a place, […]

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I Got Moderna’d

That’s right, y’all, I have been vaccinated! To be more specific, I got my first dose of Moderna. I’m due for my second shot at the end of the month. In case you didn’t see, I had corona back in early December. Though it wasn’t bad for me, I decided to get vaccinated anyways because […]

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Reader Request Week 2021 #7: Does Money Satisfy?

Steve Calhoun asks: Does the money satisfy? I mean this sincerely. I know it’s probably nice to be rich. And I’m personally much better off this year than I’ve been in years past but I also find that obtaining some of the things I’ve wanted while I was poor for decades don’t necessarily make me […]

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The Big Idea: Thomas K. Carpenter

Ever feel like “the algorithm” just knows too much? Would you trust an algorithm with something as important as space travel? In Thomas K. Carpenter’s newest Audible Original, Saturn’s Monsters, AI has the potential to make much more dangerous calculations than just advertising bizarre things to you. THOMAS K. CARPENTER: All data lies. I’m an engineer […]

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