Dogs in the Yard, 5/13/21

Charlie and the two neighbor dogs in the yard today.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that my yard has become the de facto dog park for the neighborhood. Here is evidence of that: Buckley (black labradoodle), Gus (golden labradoodle) and Charlie (doofus sprinter) all hanging out in the lawn. And a fine day for it. We don’t mind that they hang out here. They’re pretty cool. And they tire Charlie out, which is a nice. Anyway: Here’s today, from my front porch.

— JS

15 Comments on “Dogs in the Yard, 5/13/21”

  1. Tired out is good. We take our 5 month old pup to day care twice a week, and today he was in there with 20 or more dogs, from wee little guys all the way up to a couple of Great Danes. He comes home and lies down and doesn’t get up until dinner.

  2. The feeling of peace these dog photos convey is divine. Thank you for sharing your utopia with us. How’s Athena by the way?

  3. Richard Winks – Long time Sci/Tech lover and practitioner, socially tolerant, fiscally conservative, apolitical, unremarkably ordinary, admitted pedant, long suffering cynic. @dwinx49r on Twitter
    Richard Winks

    Y’know… I’m sure you know that you live an idyllic life. (Despite your broadband problems. )

  4. That is awesome. I remember the days of neighborhood dogs. Every single one had a home to go to (and I knew where they all were) but were welcome all over the neighborhood.

  5. I thought you have outdoor cats.
    Did a swat across a K9s nose improve the dogs behaviors?
    Are you considering a dog wadding pool?

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