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And Now, The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

If you saw this video I posted on Twitter yesterday, you may be wondering about what the heck happened to me: I’m fine and at home and will be writing a post on the details later but for now enjoy this post-hospital video I took a couple hours ago ☺️ pic.twitter.com/y9716Rv3GI — Athena Scalzi ⭐️ […]

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The Big Idea: L. R. Braden

Though individuality is what makes us great, sometimes you have to find common ground to bring everyone together. Read along in L.R. Braden’s Big Idea, where she tells us how this idea of bringing wildly different groups together took shape in her newest novel, Of Mettle & Magic. L. R. BRADEN: Fear drives people to do […]

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Love Death + Robots Volume 2 Now Out

In case you were wondering to yourself what you should watch on Netflix today, the new season of Love Death + Robots just dropped, with another eight episodes of futuristic and/or fantastical animated chaos and mayhem. Not only do I have an episode in this season, but it’s the lead-off episode: “Automated Customer Service,” for […]

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