Love Death + Robots Volume 2 Now Out

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In case you were wondering to yourself what you should watch on Netflix today, the new season of Love Death + Robots just dropped, with another eight episodes of futuristic and/or fantastical animated chaos and mayhem. Not only do I have an episode in this season, but it’s the lead-off episode: “Automated Customer Service,” for which — big news — I co-wrote the script, along with Meat Dept., the crew who directed the short. Yes! I’m officially a screenwriter now! At the tender age of 52. Dreams come true when when they come true, kids. Keep plugging away.

Also, while I am obviously biased, the whole season is pretty darn good. Let me put it this way: I think my episode is pretty darn great, and also every other episode is at least as good as it is, in its own way. There is, indeed, love, death and no shortage of robots in the eight episodes of the season. You’re going to find a lot to enjoy here. At least, I hope you will. Happy watching.

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By John Scalzi

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That is excellent news! I loved the first series and can’t wait to see ‘Automated Customer Service’. I love writing animation – and live action too! I’m not sure what was the more exciting – to hold your own first book in your hands or to see the words you wrote first ‘performed’ on a big screen. At the end of the day I suppose it’s all about creating and you can’t beat that. Congratulations again on all your creations and keep on please.

I watched Automated Customer Service. It was lots of fun and caught the kind of things we really hate about machines running customer service.

I loved the animation too.

First impression

What The Fluff ?!?

What did I just watch ??

Second impression

The automated customer service A I would make a great comedian

Third impression


Fourth impression

Netflix trailer team did an awesome job of teasing this short without spoiling this short’s best story beats

Excellent script

Lots of Scalzi handprints all over this story ( NO VACCUBOT do not scrub them off!!!)

Did I miss the non senior citizens??

Off to watch it again

An excellent continuation of the first season!

I didn’t know any of the authors (well, with one rather obvious exception…), so my reading list grew a bit!

1st season was amazing. Sexy, spooky, action-packed and thought provoking. All the things animation allows you to do, and most are still sleeping on it. I am looking forward to the new season, keep it coming.

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